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RIP Madeleine L'Engle

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  Finished reading Pullman's The Subtle Knife this weekend. First, the flippant two-second review:

In case you missed it, the book spells out its allegory.

Now the longer version:

Next up - Robin Hobb's The Assassin's Apprentice. Only 20 pages in, but liking it.

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I've been amusing myself in two new ways. 1) By donating supposed good books to the library that I didn't enjoy enough to have littering my shelves and 2) By creating 2 second reviews of these books that I leave on a post-it for the librarians. Here are a few of my reviews.

Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen Carter - Self-indulgent whinge.
Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell - Day job cliff notes. 

And here's one I won't donate because it was pretty enjoyable but deserves a pithy two-second review anyway:

The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman - Uncomfortable analogies.  

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.....also known as, Important Info For Those Who Haven't -- Yet.

I am currently re-reading some of her completed trilogies in between this, that, and the other thing. There is a lot to be said for any media that has value in being experienced more than once; even moreso when it's possible to keep coming at the original from different angles and get different things out of it each time.

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Yes, I'm bad, I hardly ever review what I read.
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girlie comics FTW! What? I like other stuff too, but that's another story.Collapse )

I will also note that I find Discount Anime DVD to be the kindest-priced manga anywhere. Particularly if one likes to read a lot, and, well, I DO!
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Yeah yeah, that I have read an absurd amount of other stuff -- never mind anything else that is going on in my life at the time -- is a given. I will note that Jacqueline Carey's latest was so very enjoyable to me that it may be my favorite from her thus far. Really.

Only been meaning to post a lot lot lot more stuff here forever.

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Also it could be noted, in my ongoing attempts to give Jen Fallon a second chance, that I have read her Harshini trilogy and the sequel to Wolfblade. These are so much better than the trilogy I trashed, and my suspicion is that it is particularly due to the character of Damin. Not solely, but... yeah. Like Monette's Mildmay the Fox (though I certainly wouldn't give him quite THAT much credit), he brings a lot to the text by his existence.

And yeah, I did just mention in passing another book that was so much with the good that you should maybe consider in all due seriosity!
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I'm sure one could guess that I, the crack addict reading freak to conceivably end all reading freaks -- time and $$$ available or no -- have read an absurd number of new tomes since last I've posted. So perhaps I should at least start making mention of a few of them.

on werewolves and things that go 'oh thank GAWD, yer not recent Laurell K. Hamilton' in the nightCollapse )

If I still can't sleep, I may mention more. But here's the little supernatural dab for now!
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I think two strong supporting points for Carey in the Kushiel books are her extensive prior angelic research and that they take place in a blatantly detailed alternative Europe (and not the sort of vaguely medieval Europe that several fantasy novels fall prey to). Her Sundered duology had promise but was unfortunately too muddled. This may be important: if you don't know, the Kushiel books so far consist of a trilogy focusing around a character called Phedre, and this is the beginning of a new trilogy focusing around her foster son Imriel.

Discussed this wildly with 8ofswords after finally getting my hands on the replacement copy that wasn't missing 100 or so critical pages. Hard to say what observations I'll be able to pull out of my ass after so much verbal swooning.

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