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Path of Fate: well, I'm somewhat ambivalent. As with the southern vampire books, certain things occurred that had me hollering in scornful amusement "OH COME ON" and almost hurling the book across the room. On the other hand, I kept reading, and I am likely enough to read the books following this one -- there was plenty enough that was absorbing. Credit should be due that this is a first novel and that it does not suck, really. Allowances must be made that I am very particular. Great care should nevertheless be taken when doing "god-touched" plot. (J. Carey? Good example and very different feel.) Also, I was getting aggravated that early on in the book, author would note various errands that main character needed to do and there was never any followup on them. This made me crazy! I felt as though the author was writing first thing in the morning or after she came home from work and that she had totally forgotten to make notes of these to herself, and to remind herself that maybe a bit of consistency wouldn't be unwelcome. Hi, that rule about not writing this sort of thing unless it's somehow going to be relevant? That would have been good to keep in mind. I would easily have advised that the first third or so of this book should have been re-written; after that, she gets a lot more in her groove. Mind you, first third is not difficult to get through or anything, just not gripping. Final analysis would be: I will read probably her next two books that are out, and I do not see massive re-read value at this time. Also, much like Lackey's Valdemar books, I am positive that these have humungous appeal to the teen set.

Ecstasia: this and follow-up Primavera long out of print by Francesca Lia Block. To be fair, not her most intoxicating work, but very fascinating. As with just about all her work, beautiful and quirky and sad, but more muddled than most. I like the idea that she considers these books to combine her love of Greek mythology and music, and I like the idea that she considers these books to be more personal to her. Not bad at all, certainly unusual, and just about everyone should give Block a go. I'd recommend, predictably enough, starting with the Weetzie Bat books, though.

When Demons Walk: so a while back I had mentioned here her likable book Dragon Bones, and that I certainly thought I'd pick up the sequel (which I did, by the way, and subsequently enjoyed). This was an intensely fun book! This coming from the point of view of someone who never "got" the appeal of literary sorcery and wizardly type characters, which the main character is in addition to being a thief and a former palace dweller (daughter to the Captain of the Guard) fallen on hard times due to the war and death of her family. Straight-up enjoyable for adventure and especially dialogue. Briggs does not try to fit in with the trend for incredibly long books and/or books intended solely to be a part of a series, and I respect her for that. I should also respect her for that she made high fantasy magic far more interesting to me than it would otherwise be, and indeed I do.

".....I won't stop you if you want to ask the ae'Magi if he has a book of demonology in his possession -- although such an admission would require him to present himself to the council for execution. Maybe it would help if you told him you had a book on demon lore, but needed a specific reference."

You decide, but I recommend fah sure.
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On October 11th, 2006 02:05 pm (UTC), 8ofswords commented:
When Demons Walk sounds like great fun to me. I may have to read that one.

I am leery of the plethora of sleazy Vampire books out these days, so Path of Fate doesn't sound at all appealing. What's up with those to do lists? That certainly is bizarre. Don't put a gun on the mantle if you're not going to use it!
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On October 11th, 2006 02:49 pm (UTC), tashewolf replied:
Sorry, should have specified.... Path of Fate is total fantasy, it just aggravated me similar to the way the southern vampire series book I read did. Except I think I might read the rest of these books, which I didn't with the southern vampire series.

YES, you should read When Demons Walk. AND, speaking of supernatural books that don't suck, I am very happily in the middle of another book by the same authoer -- Moon Called -- which SO doesn't suck. Put it this way, I was considering purchasing both of these tomes for you. Mind you, you'd get em a lot faster if you did so yourself ;) But I'm a good 150 pages in and there's no bad sex, just absorbing plot. She has a sequel coming out soon. YAY!
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