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On Dawn Cook and also on His Dark Materials

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Yeah yeah, that I have read an absurd amount of other stuff -- never mind anything else that is going on in my life at the time -- is a given. I will note that Jacqueline Carey's latest was so very enjoyable to me that it may be my favorite from her thus far. Really.

Only been meaning to post a lot lot lot more stuff here forever.

Amazon kept pushing Dawn Cook at me, in particular First Truth, the first of a quartet. These books sometimes felt elusively alien to me somehow, but let me tell you: very interesting and often innovative stuff, enjoyably presented. Go, Dawn!

Clearly I enjoyed these just fine, since I made a point of grabbing two other books she's written, the first of which is The Decoy Princess. I am currently getting around to finishing these and I am here to tell you that these are FUN. AS. HELL. Puts me in mind somewhat of how I've enjoyed the much-hyped Kristen Britain... though it is possible I've enjoyed these even more. Also puts me somewhat in mind of the guilty pleasure Tamora Pierce can offer -- but less with the guilty, more with the pleasure; maybe due to intending these for a somewhat older audience? I'm not sure.

Notes: well, interestingly odd interpretation of how exactly our heroine achieves her "magic" abilities -- "realistic" under the circumstances. And be clear, I saw all plot twists coming from miles away for the most part... but for the same most part, this has only given me more time to savor them. I approve. It's not as though I need to be surprised to enjoy! Recommended; if you enjoy my taste, you too will probably purr over these in particular. (To clarify, I very much enjoyed the Truth books too, but these are somehow more pleasurable if I am to give full disclosure.)

Of course I intend to see The Golden Compass!

Notes on this convergence: I am not the world's greatest Nicole Kidman fan, but I feel she is well-cast in this and appears from the trailers to pull it off. My friend Luke gave me The Golden Compass, the first of the His Dark Materials trilogy quite some time ago: "Dude! Armored polar bears!!! I mean, come on!!!" I eventually got around to reading it, and immediately had to have the other two books. And... it has always stuck with me how one of my friends, usually far more insightful, commented that these books were anti-God.

Well, with the 50K thoughtful articles out there now due to the movie's imminent release, you are probably as well aware as I am that these books are not in fact anti-God... they are anti-church. There is a subtle difference. (See the movie Stigmata for, in my opinion, a strikingly similar view if very very different presentation.)

Wow. Quantum physics... and quantum physics as religion. Multiple worlds, multiple interpretations of the soul and of identity. What, like armored bears are even the half of it?! Hell no. Deep, deep, much-needed stuff. So much deeper than just a "kid's" book, as is so often true. What, you tell me you haven't read these yet...? Holy moly, get on that! The movie not quite being out yet, I shan't comment either way on whether it should influence this decision and in what ways if so; I will merely note oh you MUST.

Also it could be noted, in my ongoing attempts to give Jen Fallon a second chance, that I have read her Harshini trilogy and the sequel to Wolfblade. These are so much better than the trilogy I trashed, and my suspicion is that it is particularly due to the character of Damin. Not solely, but... yeah. Like Monette's Mildmay the Fox (though I certainly wouldn't give him quite THAT much credit), he brings a lot to the text by his existence.

And yeah, I did just mention in passing another book that was so much with the good that you should maybe consider in all due seriosity!
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On December 6th, 2007 02:05 am (UTC), 8ofswords commented:
Yes! I've been meaning to read the Golden Compass and now will not do so before I see the movie, but no doubt will read it after.

Also agree about the armored polar bears. That's just cool shit.
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