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RIP Madeleine L'Engle

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Despite that I had put my foot down about wasting time reviewing my crack habit, well, what the hell, here's some.

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I enjoyed this book enough that I wonder if I should somehow be embarrassed about it. Of course, I'm still fanning myself after the climactic ending ;) Woo, pass me a cigarette.

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You know, these books make me imagine other authors sitting about gnashing their teeth over the apparently effortless way in which Ms. Shinn creates genuinely new fairytales. I'm quite certain that it is work, but there's no sense of actual strain. There is a solid, simple small world that she clearly knows very well, and the books themselves are both simple and deep -- as they should be, being new fairytales.

There may have been a few plot incidents of shocked "WHAT! are you kidding me?! was that necessary?!", but yet fewer than there might be in many other books. And really, how often do we tend to pick fairytales themselves apart in true seriosity? Sure, the prince charming sort of thing deserves pricking at. But, even if they are tales we've known since we are wee aside, we do not tend to respond "oh puh-leeeeaze". The same might be said, for instance, for the earliest appearance of Star Wars.

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Firstly, I immediately gobbled up the Blue Monday volume and the latest of that wacky Georgia's adventures.

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OOOOOOH MORE NEW BOOKS TO GO TASTY TASTY GOODNESS. Who cares how busy I am?! Mmmm drug of choice.

Oh, yeah, and on that "S-Factor" thang, I can tell you that my chiro may have wrestled back my freedom of movement, but I am not currently so flexible. Not that I was ever a gymnast. Maybe I always danced less like a stripper than I secretly had occasional concerns about? :)
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(mmmmm, books. mmmmmm, shelves.)
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Okay, not really. I just went batshit on Amazon, so my attempting to come up with what I remember of impressions of these two books read on the train is like my tithe to the ferryman. Come to think of it, had also read the most recent William Gibson on the same ride. I Liked It, It Was Good.

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I figured it was about time that I put my thoughts about this book in an entry. It's only several weeks after I said I would.

This is the second book I've read by Maguire and I have to say that I like it more than Lost. There were similar elements in each book - the damaged, longing lead character, people touched by insanity, tragic losses. But Confessions had a smoother flow, was more elegant in its parallel to the old fairy tale. I'll touch on the discussion questions posted previously.

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Ripped straight from Readinggroupguides.com here are a few selective discussion questions to get us going. I tried to pick ones that were spoiler free.

1. Confessions is, in part, about the difficulty and the value of seeing-seeing paintings, seeing beauty, seeing the truth. Each character in Confessions has blinkers or blinders on about one thing or another. What do the characters overlook, in themselves and in one another?

Discuss the role of artistic representation in Confessions. Consider the two portraits the Master paints. What do they say about each other, and about art? What does the Master purport to want to capture in his paintings, and why?

Iris is possessed by visions of imps and hobgoblins -- her imagination transforms a crone into the Queen of the Hairy-Chinned Gypsies, a windmill into a ferocious giant, and smoke on the horizon into a dragon's breath. Why do you think she sees the world this way? Ultimately, is there an imp in the van den Meer house?
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Welcome to our little nook. If the title doesn't give it away, we're some freaks that like to read. Or maybe friends who like to read a freakish amount. Maybe even both!

At some point one of us may change this post to something a bit more interesting.

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