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a little dab'll have to do ya

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I'm sure one could guess that I, the crack addict reading freak to conceivably end all reading freaks -- time and $$$ available or no -- have read an absurd number of new tomes since last I've posted. So perhaps I should at least start making mention of a few of them.

Patricia Briggs -- if you've been following along at home, you might realize I've been developing quite a little crush on her in that reader on author way. Not in the dramatic Jacqueline Carey type sense, but really, that's why the latter situation is so notable. Nope, Ms. Briggs has totally crept up on me. Moon Called and Blood Bound quite tasty offerings; I could hardly wait for the latter to come out. Yum! Mercy's a great character, so is Adam, so is.... on down the line, I can't think of any sketchy not-really-there kinds of characters. Good, solid, entertaining reads. Why don't we see more of those in life...?

Carrie Vaughn wrote Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty Goes to Washington (I will, no doubt, acquire Kitty Takes A Holiday as well). This is great pulp! Come on, look at the titles -- how vaguely twisted 50s young adult sorts of things are these? Then, cmon again -- a little bitty werewolf named Kitty who used to be a cheerleader...? And she has a late-night radio show that ends up turning into a talk show about the supernatural, and which explodes from there. (Related to that is my primary bitch, which is that if you don't know much about music, please do not pretend to. Throwing the Sisters of Mercy out there for some kind of "cool points" is in fact very uncool. Particularly if you couple them with Creedence Clearwater Revival. No. Please, I beg of you, JUST DON'T.) There are some other barely bearable bits in there, but really, these are overall enjoyable. Patricia Briggs = better? Yes. But these good too! And interesting wolfpack dominance issues, more easily played out since well hey, the main character is also a werewolf; Briggs's Mercy is not.

Oddly enough I'm gonna add my beloved Christopher Moore. This makes sense, really. He recently released You Suck, a sequel to my second favorite book by him (the very first being Coyote Blue, less relevant in this situation) -- Bloodsucking Fiends. Let me just say that those should be read in order, they're both fucking hilarious, and one might think it was not possible to be so very fucking hilarious while still having quite a decent supernatural (and also romantic, mind you) plot going on, but believe me, if one thought so one would not have previously read any Moore. He is the master. Note that in other fairly recent weirdness, he also published -- and I read -- A Dirty Job. I mean, someone has to get on those death-related tasks, no? Moore can rightfully be compared to Tom Robbins, but I think he tops him, at least to my own personal taste. And all the beta male musings in this last tome were pretty interesting and funny.

If I still can't sleep, I may mention more. But here's the little supernatural dab for now!
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